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I like to write about my painting processes  because I feel reading instructions (almost like taking notes) along with visuals foster learning.  So I started the blog in 2022 with the vision of spreading my knowledge through words . 

Online Classes

I love teaching art in a way that any novice can also feel proud of their creation! I’ve been teaching professionally since 2016. All my classes can be taken by beginners because I like to create classes with simple steps that work for everyone.

Art Shop

I am a voracious artist and hence my studio has more paintings that I can hoard. So I decided to sell my original artworks to collectors who are looking for magical landscapes to adorn their abode. 

Looking for Online Painting Classes?

I was a beginner once, and struggled to decode a painting into simpler steps. That’s why I explore more effective ways of teaching and create tutorials that work for everyone. So whether you are a beginner or need a little push to start, you can sign up for any of the below classes & start painting along with me!

How-to-paint-water-drops-acrylic-painting-tutorial-for-beginners-step-by-step-debasree-dey-art 10
How to Paint Water Drops with Acrylics - A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Painting water drops can be a fascinating and rewarding artistic endeavor. The way light interacts with water creates mesmerizing...
Painting a Fall Forest Path with Acrylics
Welcome to our online tutorial of painting a fall forest path with acrylics!  In this online class, you will learn step by...
Sunset Seascape Beach Painting with Cliffs
I wanted to try the complementary color scheme and create this bright and colorful sunset seascape beach painting with cliffs....
6 Fun Color Theory Exercises to Expand Your Creative Palette
Color theory is the backbone of visual arts, influencing the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Understanding...
6 Practical Exercises to Enhance Your Understanding of Color Theory
Color theory is a fundamental aspect of art. It helps artists understand the properties of color, their relationships, and...
Understanding Color Theory: What is color?
Color is a captivating aspect of our visual world. It influences our emotions, perceptions, and the way we interpret the...
Mounatins-valley-Easy-spring-landscape-painting-tutorial-step-by-step-for-beginners-debasree-dey-art 1
Mountain and valleys - Spring landscape painting
Welcome to a breathtaking journey through a spring landscape painting that captures the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains...
Easy-Sunset-seascape-acrylic-painting-for-beginners-step-by-step-tutorial-debasree-dey-art-0105 copy
Easy Sunset Seascape acrylic painting
In this blog, let us learn to paint an easy sunset seascape acrylic painting step by step. Witnessing a gorgeous sunset sky...
Sunset Cliff Seascape - Abstract Landscape painting
Today, we’re embarking on an exciting adventure in abstract landscape painting. In this blog post, we’ll explore...


Learn to create magical landscapes from my online painting classes that are easy to understand and apply. Whether you are a beginner with no prior art experience or thinking of restarting – join in any of my online classes & start painting along with me.


I’m looking forward to meet you. Are you looking forward to meet me? Let’s explore the world of art together! Learn more about me and my upcoming projects.


You ask me many questions on the social media, and as much I’d like to answer all of them, it gets difficult to manage all queries coming from multiple channels.

That is why I created this space on the internet where you and I can resolve all the art queries, and I’ll answer all your questions through my blog posts.