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Welcome Ocean Lover!

to your FREE 4-day Seascape workshop

I’m so happy that you’re joining me in this Free 4-Day Seascape Workshop. This page is your starting point to get ready, access the workshop videos, and more. Enjoy!

Scroll down to find out how to get ready + answers to any questions you may have.

Join our exclusive community on Teachable to showcase your artwork and connect with fellow artists. It’s the perfect place to share your creations, get feedback, and ask any questions you may have during these 4 days.

About this free workshop:

  • The 4 lessons come directly from 4 out of 30 days of the Seascape Serenity Online class. 
  • In this free workshop, I’ve taken 4 lessons from 4 different categories to give you a taste of the variety you can expect in the Seascape Serenity online class.
  • All the paintings come with its own reference image, and you will learn how to translate a seascape photograph on to your canvas.
  • The 4 videos will be available to watch at the links above until Sunday, 21 July.
  • We will start with learning how to paint seascapes with very easy acrylic painting techniques, and then we will learn to paint a Texture Painting, a Sunset Seascape and a finally paint a small coaster size seascape.
  • I will guide you step by step, as you create all the paintings, from start to finish. 

If you enjoy creating these paintings, I know you will LOVE
Seascapes Serenity and I hope you will join me in the classroom!

 Please be sure to add hello@debasreedeyart.com to your contacts so that emails for the class get delivered to you safely. Thank you!

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Supply List

Gather your art supplies and be prepared before the workshop starts.


  1. A5 acrylic / watercolor paper
  2. Acrylic colors –
    1. Ultramarine blue
    2. Phthalo Turquoise
    3. Cerulean blue
    4. Burnt sienna
    5. White
  3. Knife to mix paints
  4. Round brush (size 4)
  5. Palette (Butter paper)
  6. Glass of water
  7. Tissue papers
  8. Decorative ribbons / threads


  1. A6 acrylic / watercolor paper
  2. Acrylic colors –
    1. Bright aqua green
    2. Phthalo Turquoise
    3. Grey (Black + white)
  3. Filbert brush (size 3)
  4. Palette-Knife
  5. Palette / Butter paper
  6. Gesso
  7. Baking powder
  8. Plaster of paris
  9. Containers to store homemade texture paste
  10. Glass of water


  1. A6 acrylic / watercolor paper
  2. Acrylic colors –
    1. Cadmium Yellow
    2. Burnt sienna
    3. White
    4. Black
  3. Filbert brush (size 3)
  4. Round brush (size 1)
  5. Palette (Butter paper)
  6. Glass of water
  7. Tissue papers
  8. Texture paste (baking powder)


  1. 4×4 inches mdf board / cardboard cutout / amazon box cutout
  2. Acrylic colors –
    1. Aqua green
    2. Phthalo Blue
    3. Ultramarine Blue
    4. White
    5. Black
  3. Filbert brush (size 3)
  4. Round brush (size 1)
  5. Palette (Butter paper)
  6. Glass of water
  7. Tissue papers

Here's everything you need to know

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The Schedule

Thu. 11 July : PAINTING 1 

In this lesson. learn how to paint seascapes with some really easy techniques using acrylics, and create 4 different bookmarks that you can cherish yourself or gift to your bookworm friends. 

Sat. 12 July : PAINTING 2
It’s time to create texture painting. Learn how to create homemade textures and use it in your seascape paintings to create a 3-dimensional look of the waves. It’s a fascinating technique that I’m sure will keep your glued to painting more and more textural seascapes. 
Fri. 13 July : PAINTING 3
Time to capture the essence of sunset over the ocean. Learn to paint the mystical sunset sky and it’s glowing reflection on ocean waves. Learn how to paint realistic waves and create depth in your seascape. 
Sun. 14 July : PAINTING 4
Learn how to use scraps to paint more. In this painting, you will learn how to gather scraps from around your home and use it as a substrate to paint a seascape. We will create a bright glowing sunlight reflection on the ocean waves and add perspective using a sailing boat. 
Sun. 21 July: Last Day!

This is the last day to watch the workshop videos 

+ Last chance to sign up for Seascape Serenity with your Free Bonus class!

Connect & Share

Inside the workshop

You will be able to share your progress and ask me any questions in the private teachable community forum.

Facebook Group 

There will be a private Facebook group where you can share what you create and connect with fellow participants. 

Click here to join the group!


If you decide to post it on Instagram, consider using this hashtag so that fellow students and I can easily find your work – #30daysseascape and tag me @debasreedeyart so I can find you. 

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Your Questions Answered

The workshop will remain available to watch for free until Sunday, 21 July. To keep lifetime access, join my longer class Seascapes Serenity!

The overall workshop is about 2 hours long, which means 30 minutes each lesson. It’s up to you how long you want to dedicate to making art. They’re all pre-recorded so you can watch at whatever time is most convenient to you, pause the videos and watch again if you wish. The videos will stay up until the end of the week so you get a chance to catch up and go at your own pace.

No, the videos are not downloadable. Make sure you have a good internet connection to stream the videos online.

  • For any art-related questions, you can ask Debasree in the teachable community forum. Please be patient as there will be lots of participants in many different time zones. We are located in India, so it might be night time for us when you post!
  • For any administrative or technical questions, please send an email to  hello@debasreedeyart.com. Do not post these in the comments or the FB group as you won’t get an answer there and it will only interfere with the experience of other participants.
  • Please do NOT send us any questions or comments via Messenger or Instagram private messages. If you do, there’s a good chance we won’t see them and you won’t get an answer.

The workshop videos will be released around 11am IST / 7:30 am CET / 1:30am EST / 10:30pm PST (previous day). They are pre-recorded so you will be able to watch at your own pace, no matter your time-zone.

Yes, I’d love to see what you create from the workshop! I invite to share your images on Instagram and tag me @debasreedeyart. You can also use the hashtag #30daysseascape.
You will also be able to share pictures in our private teachable community group.
If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account, you can try to upload your images in a comment directly on the community forum.

If you are experiencing an issue but most other participants aren’t, it is generally due to a problem with your browser, your internet connection or your computer. Clear you cache and cookies in your browser, then reload the page. It solves the issue most of the time.
The issue might also be due to other apps running in the background on your device, or multiple devices sharing the bandwidth in your household. Try disconnecting them.
It could also be due to an extension installed on your browser. You can try using a different browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).