How to paint snowy pine trees with 4 different brushes?

Snow-covered pine trees are the beauty of the winter season and painting a canvas full of snowy pine trees can transport us to a magical scene. If you want to paint a winter landscape painting, learning to paint pine trees covered with snow is essential. With that goal in mind, I created this course “How to paint Snowy Pine Trees” for you.

In this class, you will learn to paint snowy pine trees with 4 different types of acrylic brushes:

  • Flat brush
  • Filbert brush
  • Fan brush
  • Round brush

With each brush, you get to learn different brush techniques and also learn to paint pine trees in several different methods. Once you learn all the different brush strokes, you can decide for yourself which one you resonate with the most and love painting, and use that mostly in your winter paintings.

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Snowy Pine Trees masterclass


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Snow Pine Tree with Flat Brush

We will learn to paint 2 different types of snowy pine trees with the flat brush: Tree 1 – with foliages up & Tree 2 – with foliages down.


Snow Pine Tree with Filbert Brush

Painting a snowy pine tree with filbert brush has its advantage because the rounded tip of a filbert brush helps in creating beautiful textures without much effort by the artist. 


Snow Pine Tree with Fan Brush

You have already learnt to paint 4 different types of trees with the previous 2 brushes. So now we will learn to create 2 completely unique types of snowy pine trees.


Snow Pine Tree with Round Brush

For painting small pine trees, or the distant misty pines, the round brush methods are useful. Here we will learn 3 basic techniques of painting snowy pine trees with a small round brush. 


Color Mixing + Acrylic Blending

Here we will learn the basic acrylic blending techniques and how to compose a winter landscape scene, on which you can plant a snowy pine tree.


Snowfall Scenery Painting

After doing all the ground works, we will finally learn to paint a snowfall scenery with a pine tree as the hero of the artwork using whichever brush we feel comfortable.


Winter Night Painting

Followed by a winter night landscape scene, where we get to paint distant misty pines using the round brush techniques and the acrylic blending methods.


Resin Coasters

Here we will get to paint some more snowy pine trees in small coasters – both round and square ones, and cover them with resin.


Greetings Cards

Finally we will end the class by learning to paint some greetings cards, that we can gift to our loved ones during this christmassy season.

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What students are saying!

Amazing course with so much to learn. Loved the detailing. Definitely recommended for people who love to paint winter wonderlands with pine trees. Thank you so much!!

Meenakshi Rani

meet your instructor

My name is Debasree Dey. I’m an explorer, a creator, an artist who is inspired by nature to create art.

Becoming an artist wasn’t a conscious decision, but life had it plans to alter my direction from being a corporate IT career to a fine artist and an educator.

I’ve been painting and teaching acrylic paintings for close to 10 years now, and from my experience of interacting with thousands of students, I’ve come to understand why people find it so difficult to paint a snow pine tree, and also found out the techniques of teaching it in the most simplest way, that any novice can also confidently paint.

And that is what I teach in this class with easy step-by-step guidance. 



What students are saying!

Thank you !! I love how detail step by step teaching by the teacher.Absolutely worth it,this is my second course with the teacher now and I love it!! Highly recommended

– Zuzu

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