Acrylic Painting Classes

Welcome! My online painting classes offer a creative sanctuary to learn landscape paintings, discover new techniques & nurture your confidence — all from the cozy confines of your home! 🎨🏡


seascapes online painting class

30 Days of seascapes

Total Class Time: 21 hours

Learn painting 30+ seascape paintings using acrylics & mixed-media texture techniques in this 30-day online painting class!

summer sky online painting class

15 Days of Summer Sky

Total Class Time: 14 hours

Learn to paint clouds in 6 easy steps. Then create 15 different acrylic landscapes and practice painting white clouds in blue sky.

autumn fall landscapes online painting class

15 days of autumn landscapes

Total Class Time: 7.5 hours

In this class, you’ll master fall color palette & acrylic painting techniques to create stunning autumn-themed artworks over 15 days.

3D Resin Ocean Art For Beginners

Total Class Time: 4.5 hours

Learn to create stunning 3D aerial beach views on canvas, coasters & a tray using resin & mixed media, step by step!

Color theory masterclass

Total Class Time: 6 hours

Understand the theory behind colors, mix colors with confidence, let go of frustration & bring that confidence into your art practice!

the art of rainy landscapes

Total Class Time: 9.6 hours

Learn to paint 6 different rainy landscapes with acrylics, and find joy in capturing light and water on canvas!

How To Paint Snowy Pine Trees

Total Class Time: 9.5 hours

Learn to paint different types of snowy pine trees using 4 different brushes and then create artworks using them.

9 days of sketchbook landscapes

Total Class Time: 10+ hours

All your sketchbook painting questions demystified + Learn painting 9 landscapes & start filling your sketchbook!

Coffee Painting For Beginners

Total Class Time: 3 hours

Learn how to create coffee paint and create 10 easy and beautiful mini landscapes with coffee!

landscape prompts online class

Landscape Painting Prompt Cards

Total Class Time: 3+ hours

Learn to paint 3 landscape paintings, convert them into cards & add inspiration & creativity to your daily art practice!


Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Learn to paint with palette knife and acrylics and how to create 3D impasto flowers and leaves in a landscape painting.

Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Learn to paint cherry blossom with couple walking under umbrella – easy acrylic painting for beginners

Total Class Time: 30 mins

Understand the basic techniques of impasto and learn to paint an attractive wave crashing seascape painting on canvas!

Total Class Time: 1.5 hour

Learn to paint the nature elements – sky, clouds, mountains, trees & lake in an oval landscape format!

Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Learn to paint 2 impressionist landscapes from photographs, in celebration of the woman’s day.

Total Class Time: 1.25 hours

Learn how to paint snow-covered mountain peaks using knife techniques, deep blue lake and pine trees, using acrylics!

Total Class Time: 1 hour

Embark on a creative journey to capture the awe-inspiring beauty of a cliff seascape using acrylics on canvas.

Total Class Time: 1.25 hours

Learn to paint the valley of flowers with red poppies landscape painting with acrylic colors in very easy ways!

Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Embark on a breathtaking journey as we explore the captivating beauty of Iceland’s waterfalls through acrylic painting.

finger painting

How about a free class?

Let’s have fun painting with fingers and create this attractive spring floral painting together!

Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Learn how to paint sunrays falling through the window using easy acrylic painting techniques!

Total Class Time: 2 hours

Learn to paint textural landscape in layers, understand color values, how to create depth in a landscape and sunrays.

Total Class Time: 1 hour

Learn how to paint a beautiful monsoon landscape with a romantic couple walking with umbrella, with acrylics.

Total Class Time: 1 hour

Learn to paint depth and dimension in a landscape painting while creating this gorgeous fall forest road on canvas!

Total Class Time: 1.5 hours

Learn how to paint sunrays falling, how to paint realistic leaf textures & color values in a landscape.

Total Class Time: 1 hour

Learn to paint a Cherry Blossom landscape in a loose acrylic painting style, much like Van Gogh’s impressionism style.

Total Class Time: 2 hours

Learn the basics of Impasto & Mixed Media and then create 4 mini paintings depicting Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Total Class Time: 2 hours

Learn how to paint Rainy Day Window, a monsoon landscape using acrylic paints with step by step guidance.

Total Class Time: 2 hours

Learn to paint 3 easy romantic love couples under the northern lights, using sponge painting techniques!

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What Students are Saying!

Thank you !! I love how detail step by step teaching by the teacher.Absolutely worth it,this is my second course with the teacher now and I love it!! Highly recommended.

- Zuzu
Loved this class. Deb makes it easy to follow and encourages you not to be afraid by showing how mistakes can be corrected.
- Bon Ve
Amazing course with so much to learn. Loved the detailing. Definitely recommended for people who love to paint winter wonderlands with pine trees. Thank you so much!!

- Meenakshi Rani
Great and really helpful class. Really appreciate your efforts to make it easy for us to learn.

- Nagaratna Patgar