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In this category, we guide you through the artistic process, providing detailed and easy-to-follow instructions that will help you create stunning artwork from start to finish. We break down complex painting techniques and subjects into manageable steps. 

winter-lake-painting-step-by-step-for-beginners-acrylic-painting-tutorial 1
Winter Lake Acrylic Painting With Easy Steps
To paint this almost monochrome winter lake acrylic painting, I used mostly white and black to create the misty background. With a lil darker shade of grey, create the snow land rugged edge. And then in...
How-to-paint-snowy-pine-trees-ebook 1
How to paint snowy pine trees - ebook download
This ebook is written by an artist who loves to paint snowy pine trees but once struggled to paint them. Written in a step-by-step format, that is easy to read and understand, this tutorial is meant to...
easy winter painting
Easy Winter Painting for beginners
As winter casts its spell over the world, there’s a unique charm in capturing its essence on canvas. In this blog, we embark on an artistic journey, guiding you through the process of creating a...
moonlight-seascape-beginner-acrylic-painting-tutorial-step-by-step-landscape 1
Moonlight seascape Painting - EASY Acrylic painting for beginners
To paint the sky of this moonlight seascape painting, I started with violet and white, and slowly started mixing little ultramarine blue. But the focus is to keep it more towards violet. Keep the sky dark...
snowy pine trees with acrylic painting easy steps
Snowy Pine Tree Painting - 6 Easy Steps
I know how difficult it feels to be able to paint a perfect wintry snowy pine tree! Creating that perfect triangle, the leaf textures and finally giving a dimension that looks 3D and not make it look like...
Autumn-landscape-painting-beginner-acrylic-painting-tutorial-step-by-step 1
Easy Autumn landscape Painting - Acrylic painting tutorial step by step
Looking for some easy autumn landscape painting ideas?  Hello and welcome to another easy acrylic painting tutorial where we learn to create an easy autumn painting using acrylics. This tutorial is perfect...
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GETTING STARTED with acrylics?

Welcome to the fascinating realm of acrylics! 

Here, we dive deep into the world of acrylic painting, offering valuable insights and expertise to enhance your understanding and mastery of this versatile medium. Our articles offer a comprehensive resource for expanding your acrylics knowledge.

21 Commonly Asked Questions by acrylic Painting Beginners
Acrylic painting is a popular and versatile medium that allows artists of all levels to express their creativity on canvas. However, for beginners, it can be a bit overwhelming to navigate through the...
12 tips to Improve Your Acrylic Painting Skills
Acrylic painting is a vibrant and versatile medium that allows artists to create stunning artworks with its rich pigmentation and quick-drying properties.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced...
Best Acrylic Palettes
6 Best Acrylic Palettes - A comprehensive guide
Let’s talk about acrylic palettes, one of the all-important tools for painting.  A palette serves as the artist’s mixing hub, where colors blend, harmonize, and come to life. Choosing...
pexels-anna-shvets-5641882 copy
Comparing Acrylic Surfaces: Finding the Ideal Canvas for Your Acrylic Paintings
The surface you choose for your acrylic paintings plays a crucial role in the overall look, texture, and longevity of your artwork.  With a myriad of options available, it can be challenging to determine...
pexels-karolina-grabowska-7282678 copy
How to select your acrylic brushes? 8 Points to consider.
Choosing the right acrylic painting brush is essential for achieving desired effects, precision, and overall artistic expression.  With a wide array of options available, selecting the best brush can be...
3 Basic Acrylic Painting Supplies - The Minimalist List
3 Basic Acrylic Painting Supplies - The Minimalist List
My purpose of writing this article is to let you know that staying a minimalist with your acrylic painting supplies actually help you paint better. Acrylics is comparatively cheaper than any other art...
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Here we unravel the mysteries of color, its principles, and practical applications on art. Discover techniques to create compelling color palettes, how to manipulate colors, and gain a deeper understanding of the visual impact color has on art.

6 Fun Color Theory Exercises to Expand Your Creative Palette
Color theory is the backbone of visual arts, influencing the way we perceive and interpret the world around us. Understanding the principles of color and how they interact can significantly enhance your...
Sunset-cliff-seascape-acrylic-landscape-painting-for-beginners-step-by-step-tutorial-debasree-dey-art-0644 2 copy
The Play of colors in landscape paintings
Landscape paintings have long captivated viewers with their breathtaking depictions of nature’s beauty. One of the most enchanting aspects of these artworks is the play of colors that brings landscapes...
colour, smoke, rainbow-1885352.jpg
Understanding Color Theory: What is color?
Color is a captivating aspect of our visual world. It influences our emotions, perceptions, and the way we interpret the world around us.  In the realm of art and aesthetics, color theory plays a crucial...
Swatching & comparing the 4 earth tones
I love muted earth-tone colors and I generally mix them on my palette before painting in my landscapes. These are called earth-tone colors because they resemble the color of the earth or soil, and have...
6 Practical Exercises to Enhance Your Understanding of Color Theory
Color theory is a fundamental aspect of art. It helps artists understand the properties of color, their relationships, and how to effectively use them in their artwork.  While learning about color theory...


This category provides a treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, and practical tips. Unleash your creativity, discover new perspectives, and embrace the beautiful chaos of the artist life with our engaging articles!

how to Be a Self Taught Artist? 12 practical tips
Embarking on the path of becoming a self-taught artist can be an exhilarating and empowering experience.  While formal art education has its merits, self-directed learning offers the freedom to explore...
How Artists Translate Ideas onto the Canvas? 10 Tips to Unveil your Artistic Alchemy
How Artists Translate Ideas onto the Canvas? 10 Tips to Unveil your Artistic Alchemy
The canvas, a blank expanse waiting to be transformed, holds infinite possibilities for artists seeking to convey their ideas. It serves as a portal through which thoughts, emotions, and concepts can be...
Short Story: Brushes of Courage
In the quaint town of Willowbrook, lived a young woman named Lily. She was known for her kind heart and warm smile, but beneath her cheerful exterior, Lily hid a deep fear – a fear of failure. Ever since...
Lies We Tell Ourselves About Creativity
10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Creativity
Creativity is a powerful force that resides within every individual. It is a wellspring of innovation, self-expression, and personal growth.  However, despite its universal presence, many of us fall victim...
lines, watercolor, modern-6975227.jpg
Exploring the Emotions of Lines in Art
Art, with its boundless capacity to communicate emotions, relies on a myriad of elements to convey its message. Among these, lines stand as powerful messengers of feelings and moods, silently but vividly...
earth, space, line art-5953235.jpg
25 different types of lines in art
Lines are the elemental strokes that artists use to create forms, shapes, and textures in their works.  These lines possess a unique ability to convey emotions, energy, and even narratives.  In the world...
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When art is your profession, it becomes difficult to get into the flow state because you are mostly thinking from your left logical brain. So sometimes I just play to create and enjoy the process of making art, like a child!

Cardboard box storage for mixed media collage papers
I’ve been creating a lot of mixed media collage papers and it was getting difficult to keep a track of all of them. So i had to come up with an idea of storage with easy access to each of them. I...
The art of artist dates
In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, leaving little room for creative exploration and self-discovery.  Whether you’re a seasoned artist...
Week-1-2024-wanderlust-mixed-media-art-journaling-debasree-dey-art-6865 copy
Week 1 - Wanderlust 2024 - Brushes, colors, textures & collage
I joined a year long course called wanderlust to give my creative play a boost. And so I decided to document my journey here. The first week was by Kasia – founder of everything art which hosts wanderlust.  Absolutely...
Mixed media collage in my art journal
Today I took a break from my 100 days of abstract landscape challenge and wanted to enjoy the Sunday relaxing with art and have a creative play date with the self. That is when Laura Horn Art’s creative...
Artist date #3 - Do something you've been postponing
This week, as I was studying week 3 about recovering the sense of power, I had been going through burst of emotions on a daily basis, specially processing through all the emotions of shame resurfacing. And...
ACS_1814 copy
Artist date #2 - Buy flowers & decorate your space
During the week 2, as I was learning to pay attention to detail, I decided to take myself out to a local florist and buy my inner artist some flowers. (But before anything, I must confess the huge amount...
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In this category, we discover the beauty of nature depicted on canvas, from serene mountains to vast seascapes. Explore different styles, techniques, and the artistic process behind these breathtaking artworks. Immerse yourself in the play of light, changing seasons, and dynamic elements that make each landscape unique.

10 most common landscape compositions and why they work
14 compositions tips to improve your landscape paintings
Creating compelling and visually captivating landscape paintings requires more than just technical skill. Composition plays a vital role in capturing the essence of the scene, guiding the viewer’s...
Understanding Values and Value Studies in Landscape Painting
Landscape painting is a captivating art form that allows artists to capture the beauty and essence of the natural world. One of the key elements that contribute to the success of a landscape painting is...
Creating Depth and Perspective in Landscape Paintings: 12 Essential Tips for Artists
Landscape paintings have the power to transport viewers into a vivid world of natural beauty. One key aspect that brings these paintings to life is the incorporation of depth and perspective.  By mastering...
Dynamic & Changing Nature of Landscape in Art
The landscape has always been a captivating subject for artists, serving as a source of inspiration and a canvas to explore the beauty of the natural world.  But what truly sets landscape art apart...
Sunset-cliff-seascape-acrylic-landscape-painting-for-beginners-step-by-step-tutorial-debasree-dey-art-0644 2 copy
The Play of colors in landscape paintings
Landscape paintings have long captivated viewers with their breathtaking depictions of nature’s beauty. One of the most enchanting aspects of these artworks is the play of colors that brings landscapes...
Where does inspiration for painting come from? 12 Ideas to brainstorm!
How to See the Landscape as an Artist? 10 top tips
The natural world has always been a profound source of inspiration for artists, beckoning them to capture its breathtaking beauty on canvas. Yet, what sets apart a skilled landscape artist from a casual...


A diverse collection of painting ideas to spark your imagination, ignite your creativity, and provide a constant source of inspiration for your next art session. 

Week 2
100 Days Of Abstract Landscapes #Week2
A quick summary of the last 7 days.. 14 days are up of my #100daysofabstractlandscapes challenge! In case you are not aware, I started a 100 day challenge to practice painting landscapes in loose abstract...
Week 1
100 days of abstract landscapes #Week1
I’m doing a 100 mini abstract landscape painting challenge where each day I’m painting abstract landscapes from reference images (unsplash/pexels) on mini canvas papers which I’m sharing...
easy winter painting ideas
8 Easy Winter Painting Ideas - Christmas Coasters
Not just one or two, in this blog I’ll show you step by step how to create these 8 easy winter painting ideas, that you can create on canvas or on wooden boards like me and use as Christmas coasters...
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