Swatching & comparing the 4 earth tones

I love muted earth-tone colors and I generally mix them on my palette before painting in my landscapes.

These are called earth-tone colors because they resemble the color of the earth or soil, and have a brownish touch to them.

There are so many earth tone colors that you can create on your color palette, but these 4 are the ones that come commonly in paint tubes and are available to buy directly from the market.

I decided to swatch out these 4 colors on paper along with their tints to better understand the color because that will help find out the recipe for these colors. 

Play the video below to see the process of swatching and tinting, and by the end of the video, we will be able to compare the colors by looking at them next to each other!

The 4 colors I’ve swatched are:

  1. Burnt Sienna
  2. Burnt Umber
  3. Raw Sienna
  4. Raw Umber

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