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In this category, we guide you through the artistic process, providing detailed and easy-to-follow instructions that will help you create stunning artwork from start to finish. We break down complex painting techniques and subjects into manageable steps. 

Bench-on-beach-seascape-sketchbook-painting-easy-acrylic-painting-for-beginners-debasree-dey-art 2
Bench on beach - Seascape painting in sketchbook
Seascape sketchbook painting 1 I love painting in sketchbooks because it just takes the pressure off of creating masterpieces. You are allowed to make mistakes inside the journal and you can paint freely.  In...
How-to-paint-footprints-in-snow-acrylic-painting-step-by-step-for-beginners 1
Easy Footprints in Snow Painting
In step 4, we cover the entire background of this footprints in snow painting. Start by the darker layer of grey first and then add a lot of white to create the snow ground for the footprints to appear!...
Mountain Valley Stream painting- Abstract Landscape
In this tutorial, we’ll explore the captivating beauty of a mountain valley stream painting, using bold colors and dynamic brushwork to create an expressive and vibrant artwork. Imagine yourself...
winter-lake-painting-step-by-step-for-beginners-acrylic-painting-tutorial 1
Winter Lake Acrylic Painting With Easy Steps
To paint this almost monochrome winter lake acrylic painting, I used mostly white and black to create the misty background. With a lil darker shade of grey, create the snow land rugged edge. And then in...
winter-creek-acrylic-painting-tutorial-step-by-step-for-beginners 1
Winter Creek Acrylic Painting - with Cabin
We start painting this winter creek acrylic painting by creating the first 3 layers of the landscape, starting with the sky first. Layer 1: Start with white + teal blue to color the sky. Blend it random....
easy winter painting ideas
8 Easy Winter Painting Ideas - Christmas Coasters
Not just one or two, in this blog I’ll show you step by step how to create these 8 easy winter painting ideas, that you can create on canvas or on wooden boards like me and use as Christmas coasters...
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GETTING STARTED with acrylics?

Welcome to the fascinating realm of acrylics! 

Here, we dive deep into the world of acrylic painting, offering valuable insights and expertise to enhance your understanding and mastery of this versatile medium. Our articles offer a comprehensive resource for expanding your acrylics knowledge.


Here we unravel the mysteries of color, its principles, and practical applications on art. Discover techniques to create compelling color palettes, how to manipulate colors, and gain a deeper understanding of the visual impact color has on art.


This category provides a treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, and practical tips. Unleash your creativity, discover new perspectives, and embrace the beautiful chaos of the artist life with our engaging articles!

How to Express Your Feelings on Canvas? 12 tips for Painting Emotions
How to Express Your Feelings on Canvas? 12 tips for Painting Emotions
Art has the incredible power to provide a creative outlet for expressing emotions that are often difficult to put into words.  Painting allows you to visually communicate your feelings, experiences, and...
Where does inspiration for painting come from? 12 Ideas to brainstorm!
Inspiration is the ethereal force that ignites the creative flame within artists, propelling them to embark on transformative artistic journeys.  For painters, understanding the origins of inspiration...
Lies We Tell Ourselves About Creativity
10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Creativity
Creativity is a powerful force that resides within every individual. It is a wellspring of innovation, self-expression, and personal growth.  However, despite its universal presence, many of us fall victim...
Is it Normal to Think my Art Is Bad?
Is it Normal to Think my Art Is Bad?
Artistic self-doubt, a common companion on the creative journey. Many artists, whether seasoned professionals or aspiring beginners, often find themselves questioning the quality of their own work. But...
8 Ways to Overcome Boredom and Uncertainty: Rediscover Your Artistic Passion
4 Things YOU Need to know before creating your FIRST painting
In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Every artist was first an amateur.” Exactly what you should know when creating your very first painting.  Every artist undergoes multiple phases when starting anew....
how to Be a Self Taught Artist? 12 practical tips
Embarking on the path of becoming a self-taught artist can be an exhilarating and empowering experience.  While formal art education has its merits, self-directed learning offers the freedom to explore...


When art is your profession, it becomes difficult to get into the flow state because you are mostly thinking from your left logical brain. So sometimes I just play to create and enjoy the process of making art, like a child!

Week 2 - Wanderlust 2024 - Exploring brushes & mark making
Week 2 was by Nicole & it was a great lesson to learn how to interpret my own inspirations from around the globe and abstractly paint them! It was a great practice to explore all my brushes in a way...
Week-1-2024-wanderlust-mixed-media-art-journaling-debasree-dey-art-6865 copy
Week 1 - Wanderlust 2024 - Brushes, colors, textures & collage
I joined a year long course called wanderlust to give my creative play a boost. And so I decided to document my journey here. The first week was by Kasia – founder of everything art which hosts wanderlust.  Absolutely...
Cardboard box storage for mixed media collage papers
I’ve been creating a lot of mixed media collage papers and it was getting difficult to keep a track of all of them. So i had to come up with an idea of storage with easy access to each of them. I...


In this category, we discover the beauty of nature depicted on canvas, from serene mountains to vast seascapes. Explore different styles, techniques, and the artistic process behind these breathtaking artworks. Immerse yourself in the play of light, changing seasons, and dynamic elements that make each landscape unique.


A diverse collection of painting ideas to spark your imagination, ignite your creativity, and provide a constant source of inspiration for your next art session.