Easy poppy field painting

Hello and welcome to another easy acrylic painting tutorial where we learn to create an easy poppy field painting using acrylics. 

I’ve create this entire painting without any green or black, just by mixing yellow and blue. So this is going to be a fun tutorial where you will learn not just to create this poppy field painting but also some color theory knowledge. You will also learn to create 3D poppies popping out of the canvas.

Ok let’s get started!

If you want to watch the process of my creation, there is a video available at the end of this post.

summer sky and cloud painting online acrylic painting classes for beginners step by step


Acrylic Colors:  

  1. Cobalt blue
  2. Cadmium Yellow
  3. Prussian Blue
  4. Cadmium red
  5. White


  • I painted on a 4×5 inches acrylic paper.
  • Cut this Canson acrylic paper into 6 equal pieces and you’ll get the size I used.

Acrylic Brushes:

  • I used a size 4 & 2 flat brush from this flat brush set which is perfect for this canvas size. If you are painting bigger, then switch to a size that is proportionate with your painting surface.
  • Size 2 liner brush from my favorite miniature brush set
PS. If you need some advice on acrylic painting supplies, check out this article – 3 Basic Acrylic Painting Supplies – The Minimalist List.

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painting steps:

1. Sky

Start my mixing cobalt blue with white, and paint the sky above the poppy field. Keep blending both the colors keeping it more blue on the top, and whiter towards the horizon.


2. Green background - Layer 1

Now on the same brush, pick up a little bit of yellow and start blending towards the bottom of the sky. Keep the value of this layer the lightest, to show the depth of field.


3. Field - Layer 1

Mix more of cobalt blue and cadmium yellow to create a darker green and add it in the field area in the bottom.


4. Green Background - Layer 2

With the same colors from the previous step, add another layer of greens on the top, above the first layer. Do not cover the entire background layer of green, because we want the different values of greens to be seen to create the depth of field.


5. Green Background - Layer 3

Now we will go over it and create a 3rd darker layer of greens. To create this layer, I mixed prussian blue and cadmium yellow, because prussian blue already has a very dark value, and hence creates a dark green which almost looks like black.


6. Field - Layer 2

Now we repeat the same colors on the field and create another darker layer, and blend it with the previous lighter layer.


7. Stems of poppies

With a liner brush, add the stems of the poppy flowers.


8. Poppies

Use a size 2 flat brush and cadmium red to create the poppies. Do not try to create a detailed flower. I just added a few strokes with the flat tip of the flat brush and created each of the petals.


9. Poppy seeds

Finally add the poppy seeds in the centre by adding a touch of prussian blue, and your flowers are complete.

And that’s it… just by following these 9 steps, you can now created your very own poppy field acrylic landscape painting with 3D poppies popping out. 

Did you enjoy following this tutorial? What is the next painting you want me to teach? Let me know how it turned out for you by commenting below!

Happy Painting!

Pin the below image in your Pinterest board for future reference.


If you need more guidance, watch my process here:

Thank you!

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  1. I just watched the poppy gonna give it a try thank you and love the music no talking just painting look forward to doing them all

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