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Here we gather a wide range of thought-provoking prompts, themes, and subjects that can serve as a springboard for your next masterpiece. Whether you’re seeking fresh concepts, exploring new styles, or simply looking to challenge yourself, our blog offers a treasure trove of ideas to fuel your artistic fire.

100 Days Of Abstract Landscapes #Week2

A quick summary of the last 7 days.. 14 days are up of my #100daysofabstractlandscapes challenge! In case you are not aware, I started a 100 day challenge to practice painting landscapes in loose abstract style… because painting abstract isn’t my comfortable way of expressing the nature since I’ve painted realistic all my art career, …

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100 days of abstract landscapes #Week1

I’m doing a 100 mini abstract landscape painting challenge where each day I’m painting abstract landscapes from reference images (unsplash/pexels) on mini canvas papers which I’m sharing on my Instagram daily as I paint. It is more like my personal art practice, because I want to get back to habit of painting daily and try something new. …

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easy winter painting ideas

8 Easy Winter Painting Ideas – Christmas Coasters

Not just one or two, in this blog I’ll show you step by step how to create these 8 easy winter painting ideas, that you can create on canvas or on wooden boards like me and use as Christmas coasters in this holiday season. They are absolutely easy to create for anyone who loves winter …

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