Artist date #5 – Altering boring household objects into faux ceramics

This week something miraculous happened. The whole week have been reading about recovering the sense of possibility and it almost opened my mind’s eye to see the amount of possibilities out there in terms of art and how much I had kept my mind closed over the years, thinking and looking into same kind of paintings. 

The miraculous thing that happened is – I had been struggling to decide something particular for this week’s artist date, and finally I decided I’ll doodle some butterflies and create stickers out of them (which I eventually did later) – this was the plan in my mind. But before I could start doing it, my inner artist wanted run away from the studio, take out white paint and mix baking powder and apply it on some old boring boxes in the kitchen (which she had seen this morning in Pinterest and had liked the idea).

I allowed her to do so, and told myself after she is done with one object, we will get back to the butterfly making project. But one thing turned into 2, into 5, and ultimately into 10 objects that day. I played like a child converting everything I could find and convert them into faux ceramics objects, as you can see by now. 

It was probably the best artist date ever – in terms to how I felt. The joy of seeing something old and boring turn into something magnificent was simply an experience I’d wana have again and again.

Here are all the supplies you need for this project

  1. White acrylic paint
  2. Baking / cooking soda
  3. Sponge applicator
  4. A knife to mix the paint and the soda
  5. A palette to mix it on

Now let’s look at all the items one by one:

First I added just the white paint with soda on all the objects.

Then I added some white lace that I had in my stash to beautify them more. It wasnt planned, but just after they dried and I was appreciating the beauty, I could hear someone asking me to put a lace on them. I listened.

Let me tell you a little story about the photoshoot also. I was initially very upset about the shadow of the railings falling on my studio wall in the afternoon, just after I had finished the project. I thought of waiting until the sun goes down a bit, but eventually I didnt want to wait and went ahead with the photographing. And I was amazed to see what my mind couldn’t conjure as beauty, was infact adding extra dimension to the photographs. None of the images are filtered or edited. This is just how i clicked in the afternoon sun.

In case you wana see what these objects were.

A messy behind the scene photo.

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