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4 Things YOU Need to know before creating your FIRST painting

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Every artist was first an amateur.” Exactly what you should know when creating your very first painting. 

Every artist undergoes multiple phases when starting anew. The common myth that talent is essential to paint does not hold. 

Your desire to paint only needs a dose of enthusiasm and following a complete trajectory towards the painting process. 

As we venture our creative journey together, let us address a few common fears that most beginners face while creating their first painting (4th is my fav one)!

1. Addressing The Fears Among Most Beginner Artists

In my career span, I have come across painters who are often full of self-doubt thinking they cannot paint.

Many beginners think they lack creative bones, let alone pick up a paint brush.

Many are discouraged by others’ comments on their artwork, especially the early school’s art teacher.

These instances from your early ages can easily block your creative instincts and undermine the artist inside of you.

However, these are not the truth.

I believe every human is born creative in one way or another. 

Just lift your paintbrush, splash a few colors on your canvas, and bravo, you have achieved the first step to unleashing your inner artist.

Still, looking for the right motivation? Read the next point.

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2. Creating Your Very First Painting

Now that you have already achieved your first step to being a painter, creating your first canvas has become very easy.

The second essential requirement is seeking guidance. 

The help of an art teacher will make you marvel at your creation!!

And every time you lift your brush to create an artwork, remember the below points

  1. Inspiration – Look for the right inspiration to create the artwork. It can be an image, the feeling your get while looking at it in the moment, may be a thought or memory from the past; whatever is inspiring you to begin your creation.
  2. Composition – Look for the basic composition in an artwork, and mark it out on your canvas. This is break your initial fear of approaching a blank canvas.
  3. Creation – Ok now it’s time to get to the actual creation. If you are a beginner, watch a tutorial, watch a step, pause and paint. If you already know the steps to create your artwork, simply put on a music and immerse yourself into the action of lifting brush, picking colors and adding marks on your canvas. And before you know it, hurray – you got your painting done.
  4. Reflection – Now if you don’t like what you just painted, think of the feelings you felt while painting, think of the lessons you learnt while making the marks, look at what went wrong and how you can make it better… if required, note them down in a journal. No matter what you do, do not feel sad or sorry for yourself, because you tried something new while you could have just laid on your couch. And if you get an amazing outcome in your artwork, that’s just a bonus. The most imp thing is – you learnt something new!

If you are still looking for first canvas ideas, this class for beginners will bring out your inner artist with a limited color supply and essential guidance.

3. Are you looking for ideas?

For beginners, looking for ideas can seem overwhelming in the initial stages. 

I often suggest –

  • Simply select a random artwork that looks appealing and a little challenging to you
  • Paint it and create a similar version of it
After painting 20-30 such paintings, you can create a mix-n-match version of these artworks and create your unique masterpiece.
For beginners, these 8 easy-to-paint artwork tutorials will give your inspiration and essential guidance. 
Ta-da! you’re all ready to create your unique art piece. 
Also, check out this 15-day painting challenge that offers a creative retreat to beginners.

4. Be Fearless: Just Paint It!

Be it a simple sketch, a drawing, or simple painting, bring out your canvas, three to four colors, and brushes, and start painting!

I know the fear you face, because I’ve faced it too! But I also know from my experience, that once you pick up the brush sword and dip it into the puddle of paint, you immediately win over your enemy – fear.

After painting some 5000 paintings so far in my life, if I have to paint another today, I’d still face the same fear. But this is where experience comes it – since I’ve attacked it so many times, I’m now more aware of it and know how to kill it.

So I hope you learn something from my experience, and know how to be fearless.. I’m hooting for ya! 

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Finally, i'd say 👉

  1. Every human is creative. If you loved painting as a kid, you’d have tested those creative cells. With time, you may have left art, but art never left you.
  2. Start with creating something simple
  3. You can spend just 10-15 mins every day painting and enjoying the process Use a tutorial if you are just starting out.
  4. Get acquainted with your canvas and colors and learn a few basic skills
  5. Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of something big. Just paint it! 
  6. Gradually you will start to develop your style

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