easy spring landscape painting green field red poppy fence

Easy Spring Landscape Painting – Step by Step Tutorial

Continuing with the previous step, I added a bit more of the hooker’s green in the bottom left corner, still blending it in with the background colors. Then I switched back to my filbert brush to create the highlight of this spring landscape painting – the fences crossing each other. Add tiny bit of burnt umber with a lot of white to create this color and then with just a few strokes create the 2 big fences outline. Don’t get into any detailing at this step. Just focus on creating the straight lines now, and later we will get into the details.

Easy Bluebell forest painting Step by step

Hello friends, today let us learn to create an easy bluebell forest painting! This is an easy spring landscape, so if you are looking for some spring painting ideas, this one will definitely serve the purpose. The depth of the forest creates an illusion of going into the painting which makes it a good subject …

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