Artist Date #6 – Tear up a magazine for colors and patterns

This week I chose something from my long list of artist dates. I’ve been doing a lot of small artist dates throughout the week, so this Sunday for the artist date, I wanted to do something a bit relaxing, and also give myself a feeling of luxury as I’ve been reading about recovering the sense of abundance.

So I gifted myself 5 old magazines. Since I’m not a magazine reader, I didn’t have any at home. So I bought these 5 magazines from amazon.

I must say that flipping the pages of these magazines definitely bought a sense of abundance seeing the vastness of creativity in home decor area, and also opened up my mind to see art in so many different places.

Then I tore up quite a few pages according to my choice of color palette and the patterns I like. And I plan on painting some of the color palettes from these magazine pages. 

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