Dear Fear

Dear Fear,

I hope this letter finds you well. I know you might be surprised to receive a message from me, but I believe it’s time we had a conversation – one that has been long overdue.

First, let me say that I understand your purpose and why you’ve been with me for so long. You were there to protect me, to keep me safe from harm. Your intentions were never malicious; you only wanted to shield me from failure and disappointment.

But Fear, I’ve come to realize that your well-meaning intentions have held me back more than they’ve protected me. You see, every time I wanted to try something new, every time I thought about pursuing my creative passions, you whispered doubt in my ear. Your presence made me doubt my abilities and question whether I was worthy of success.

I know you have a powerful voice, and it’s been hard not to listen to you. But I’ve grown tired of living in your shadow, of being bound by your limitations. I want to break free from your hold and embrace my creativity with open arms.

I’ve learned that failure is not the end of the road; it’s a stepping stone to growth and improvement. I’ve seen others stumble, only to rise stronger and more resilient. I want to experience that journey of growth myself, even if it means making mistakes along the way.

You might argue that you’re only trying to protect me from embarrassment or disappointment, but in doing so, you’re also holding me back from experiencing the joys and fulfillment that creativity brings. It’s time for us to part ways so that I can fully explore the vast landscapes of my imagination without fear or reservation.

Fear, you’ve been a constant companion, but it’s time to say goodbye. I’m choosing to trust in my abilities and have faith that my creativity will guide me towards wonderful and unexpected places. I won’t forget you, but I won’t let you dictate my choices anymore.

From now on, I will welcome uncertainty with open arms. I will treat each new creative endeavor as an adventure, and I will embrace the process, knowing that it’s just as valuable as the outcome.

I want to thank you for your presence, as it has taught me valuable lessons about myself. However, it’s time for me to grow beyond your confines and explore the boundless potential that lies within me.

So, Fear, I bid you farewell. I release you from your hold over my creativity and my dreams. I’m stepping into the light, ready to let my imagination run free, unhindered by doubts and uncertainties.

With gratitude and determination,


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