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Discover inspiration, techniques & tips for acrylic painting. From beginners to experienced artists, this blog is your go-to resource for all things acrylic. 

Our comprehensive tutorials and courses are specifically designed for aspiring artists who want to master the art of acrylic painting. 

Whether you’re a collector, an interior decorator, or simply seeking an artsy landscape for your space, our art gallery offers a captivating selection of original artworks.

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Aerial Beach Resin Art

Color Theory Masterclass

15 Days of Summer Sky

Here you’ll find a wealth of inspiration, tips, and techniques to unleash your creative potential!

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Understanding Color Theory: What is color?
Color is a captivating aspect of our visual world. It influences our emotions, perceptions, and the way we interpret the...
15 Best Books for Artists in 2023
15 Best Books for Artists in 2023
As an artist, continuous growth and learning are essential for honing your craft and expanding your creative horizons.  One...
Easy Bluebell forest painting Step by step
Hello friends, today let us learn to create an easy bluebell forest painting! This is an easy spring landscape, so if you...
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Welcome creative friend!

My name is Debasree.

I’m a seeker, a creator, a self taught acrylic artist who is inspired by nature to create art.

Becoming an artist wasn’t a conscious decision, but life had it plans to alter my direction from being a corporate IT slave to a fine artist and an educator.

My life’s work is to help you come out of your inhibition and feel the freedom of painting even if you ‘think’ you can’t paint!

Learning a few art skills is only the starting point.. it’s all about the journey that you experience on the inside while painting.

Freebies for you!

Learn finger painting with acrylics while creating this attractive spring floral painting on your canvas!

I get asked all the time what tools and materials I use in my acrylic art practice. Here are my secret weapons:

This ebook is written by an artist who loves to paint snowy pine trees but once struggled to paint them.

Here I break down complex painting techniques and subjects into manageable steps!

Flowers on seaside cliff - acrylic painting
If you’ve ever dreamed of capturing the serene beauty of a seaside cliff adorned with vibrant flowers on canvas, you’re...
Moonlit night sky with clouds - acrylic painting in Sketchbook
Step into the enchanting world of moonlit nights and dreamy clouds with this acrylic painting tutorial.  Whether you’re...
fall trees & snow mountains - acrylic landscape painting
As the autumn leaves begin to turn, we’ll capture the beauty of the season with rich, warm colors that contrast beautifully...
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What students are saying!

Hello from Spain!  I have recently taken an early retirement for family reasons and with time on my hands, I have decided to delve into a new creative journey through acrylic painting.  I have been a textile artist for many years through quilting, embroidery, fabric dyeing…but the closest I’ve come to painting has been on fabric…which is a whole different concept. 

I’m so excited that I have found you!  I have signed up for all your classes on Skillshare and Udemy.  I love your YouTube Channel too. You are such a wonderful and passionate teacher… I have learned so much from you already. Your color theory class is the BEST I have ever watched…I loved doing all the exercises and have learned so much. Do keep the classes coming.  I absolutely love them!

– Gloria González

YouTube Painting Tutorials!

Watch my painting processes and get some NEW ideas for your next painting session!

upcoming project

I’m working on a comprehensive course on Sketchbook Painting for beginners in acrylics, which is going to be a 15 days challenge, with painting one easy landscapes painting each day.

Sketchbook painting offers numerous benefits for artists of all levels. It’s a versatile tool for exploring techniques, experiment, and express your unique artistic voice. 

In this course I’ll answer all your doubts about acrylic painting in sketchbooks and we will also learn new techniques to capture a landscape photo and turn it into a painting! 

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