Week 1 – Wanderlust 2024 – Brushes, colors, textures & collage

I joined a year long course called wanderlust to give my creative play a boost. And so I decided to document my journey here.

The first week was by Kasia – founder of everything art which hosts wanderlust. 

Absolutely love Kasia’s method of art journaling and the intuitive flow of brushes and textures, yet keeping the composition in mind.. Almost a newbie to the art journaling world, thoroughly loving it!

The prompt was to find a word for 2024, and mine is CHANGE.

The year started with me being uprooted from the city I lived for the past 11 years to the city I was born… so it was a huge change for me! After the new studio setup, the first thing I started was Wanderlust!

Below I’ll share the steps that I did in my journal:

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